Christmas Trips – Prague 2018




In 2018 I travelled to many countries. It was like a frenzy of travel. I enjoyed all the trips from Paris to Texas, Spain , Zimbabwe , South Africa and then Prague for Christmas. It was a memorable season and a time that I look at with longing but more so with gratitude for the ability to travel and the experiences that I had that year.

Little did I know that 2020 would come with all the restrictions that we are now facing. It’s been a really unprecedented year. I am grateful to be alive , still have a job and to have my family well and around me. I have learnt in this year not to take things for granted and to be grateful for all the priceless things in life like health, family , faith , love and peace.

As I look back at Christmas 2018 I have beautiful memories with my husband and children. We decided to visit Prague at Christmas. Tino our eldest is very adventourous   and he was the tour guide. It was a holiday filled with so many laughs , new experiences and quality time.

Prague is a magical , golden city of cobbled street and a hundred spires, a city that is amazing and so original. Prague is a city that is charming , filled with history and steeped in culture . The towers of centuries old palaces, the domes of churches and the charming building were a delight for us to see and left a firm imprint on all of our minds.

As a family we love to do different things and to go to cold countries in the peak of winter. So unAfrican but so us. We refuse to be defined by our background and our colour but love to explore life for ourselves and do things that might not seem fun for others. It’s one thing that we have taught our children and continue to instil in them . That they should do what pleases them and refuse to be followers or to do things that are expected of them. We encourage them to explore different cultures but also to be proud of their own culture . We have developed very sophisticated palates that will feel at home at Levitate a Michelin Star restaurant in Prague ( you will literally levitate from the explosion of flavours in your mouth ) to having Sadza , Guru and Vegetables kwa Chivi.

Reflecting on my travels in 2018 and Christmas in Prague I can truly say we have become global citizens who can experience the best that the world has to offer.

I am grateful for the opportunity that we have had to raise the children in a world that exposes them to many different experiences and builds people who can be comfortable in many different settings.

Looking forward to creating some amazing memories this Christmas at home in our bubble.


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