Facing the Challenges of Raising Children in the Diaspora

Social media has been buzzing with chats and discussions about raising children in the diaspora.
Raising children in England as a first generation migrant has unique challenges . Raising children is a challenge on its own. When we add all the other challenges of relocating and settling into a new environment , a new culture , immigration problems , working and studying plus raising children it becomes a minefield.

Last year in July we held a parenting seminar to try and address some of the issues that first generation migrants are facing . We had brilliant speakers and discussed some of the key issues . I have posted a link to one of the speakers Charles Chavi is a young boy from Zimbabwe whose life has been transformed . He has an inspiring story.

Reflecting on our seminar and even on how Muchada and I have coped so far with the challenges of parenting , the ONLY thing that has so far kept our children on the right path is our faith in God. We have had our fair challenges ,so many stories to be told of illness, challenges with education and behaviour but what has kept our children alive and thriving today is that we constantly prayed over them and declared the promises of God over their lives.
The Bible is our anchor during major storms and also in the day to day smaller challenges that we face .

I have learnt and continue to learn that environment is so important . As mothers and fathers we need to guard our homes and our children with prayer.

We should check the foundation on which we have built our homes. Is it according to the will of God, or are there compromises here and there ? If there are gaps and compromises it means that you are giving the devil a foothold into that home . The things that will break the hedge of protection God has built around are homes are numerous but we need to constantly check out hedges and see that we are in the right place as parents.

We need to set good examples for children in the way we interact and talk to them , the interest we have in them, the way we dress, the way we conduct our relationships.

I have two really good books that I keep close to my bedside alongside my bible ,
65 promises for your child by Mike Shreve and Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Parent. They are great resources that help in praying for your children.
The bible warns that ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ( Hosea 4 vs 6). If we as parents do not know what God has said regarding our children we will have no basis for our faith. When storms come and when the wind starts blowing we are vulnerable and we do not know how to cope.

At times you might feel that it’s too late and you are tempted to give up on parenthood , give up on your children.

They might be in prison, on drugs , in a gang , violent , controlling , self harming , you might not even know where they are because they have run away from home . Don’t give up , dry your tears! Refocus , arm yourself with Gods word and get to battle !! Reclaim your children and get on your knees!

I am reminded of Moses in Exodus 10 where Pharaoh agreed to let the Israelite men leave Egypt to worship God in the wilderness but he told Moses their sons and daughters would have to stay behind. Moses replied in a very strong and resolute way Never! They would not worship God without their children . In the same way you need to say , I am not leaving my children behind ! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord .
Rise up in faith ! It’s never too late. Check your foundations and your own environment and break every ungodly foundation. Rebuild the broken hedge of protection and speak life into your children’s lives. God is in the business of restoration and bring dead situations to life.Be encouraged. Keep fighting.

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