I know that my Redeemer lives Job 42

Trials, temptations and adversities of Job and his ultimate triumph and restoration of all his losses established the fact that the great redeemer lives.  I love the story of Job in the bible. It is a sad story that ends well. It reminds that we must stay focused and keep our faith regardless of what we are going through and regardless of how difficult or hopeless a situation may seem.

Our redeemer is God. Job says I know that my redeemer lives. What does this word Redeemer mean?

The word redeemer means to buy back. Jesus came to earth as man to redeem humanity. He came to redeem us from the clutches of satan , sin , sickness, death and poverty.

By his death on the cross he purchased us with his precious blood so that we can be his own.

As we approach Easter let us remember what he has redeemed us from. Let us continue to appropriate by faith all that he has redeemed us from and what he releases us into.

  • Divine direction – teaches us the way that we should go. Isaiah 48 vs 1
  • Divine Security Psalm 78 vs 35
  • Divine assistance – Isaiah 41 vs 14
  • Divine forgiveness – Isaiah 44 v 22
  • Divine favour – Isaiah 54 vs 8
  • Divine deliverance Psalm 103 vs 4
  • Divine Prosperity Isaiah 48 vs 17
  • Divine election Isaiah 47 vs 7

Say this prayer with me today .

Lord fight for me in every area of my life.

All my past failures be converted to success in Jesus name.

Lord let the former rain, the latter rain and your blessing fall on me now.

I will not go round in circles again. I will make progress in the name of Jesus.

Lord give me power for maximum achievement.

I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

Let God be God in my home  in Jesus name .

Let God be God in my health in Jesus name .

Let God be God in my career in Jesus name .

Lord Jesus create room for my advancement in every area of my life in Jesus name.

Lord convert my frustration to fulfilment in Jesus name .

In every area of my life I shall run and not grown weary. I shall walk and shall not faint.

Let the power to live a victorious life throughout the days of my life fall upon me in Jesus name.

Convert my hopelessness into hope.

Lord give me peace .

Lord please reveal your purpose in a real way.


Amen .

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