I once was bound….

Its been a long week and as I reflect on the week I am struck by how many people are living in bondage . Prisoners live in a prison cell and they function perfectly nornmally . They eat , they sleep , they walk , they watch TV relax and even go to work . Some even get degrees and qualifications whilst they are in prison . They are functioning but they are not free. That is so true for many of us. We appear to have our lives together outwardly but inside many of us are emotional wrecks.

I once was bound but funny thing is I thought I was free . I was bound by negative words spoken over me . I was bound by regrets and unforgiveness. Unforgiveness towards myself . I was bound by the trauma of sexual abuse. I was bound and blamed myself for what had been done to me.

The bible in Psalm 107:10 says

Some sat in gloom and darkness.They were prisoners suffering in chains.

We all experience different types of trauma and abuse. A person who has experienced abuse or trauma is a person who has been wounded physically or emotionally by some sudden or substantial shock that created severe or lasting damage to the psychological development of that person . Surviving trauma can throw people into a state of psychological damage that prohibits them from functioning properly in relationships with others . Most people who have experienced trauma do not even know what is wrong with them . It affects all relationships. That was my situation before I learnt how to gain victory over traumatic experiences in my life.

The bible says that he who the son sets free is free indeed John 8 vs 36 . I have experienced the saving grace of God in my life and have experienced freedom from bondage.

If you need to let go of the past and receive an inner strengthening from God that will enable you to trust others, develop and maintain intimate relationships and enjoy your life in freedom then you need to turn to God and allow him to take control. That freedom in Christ allows you to live an abudant life in every area. You see if you a prisoner in a self made prison no matter what you do , you will never be truly free . Only Jesus can truly set you free.

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