It is good !

Genesis 1 vs 31 “It was very good and He approved it completely”
This verse in the bible refers to God’s words after he completed his six days of creation. He took time to look over everything and he was really pleased with it. He admired his handiwork and said this is VERY good .

As we enter into a New Year I am challenged to take time to enjoy the work of my hands and to enjoy my time with my husband and children.

In our passion to earn money and to look after families “back home” for those of us who are migrants we often fall into the trap of working working and working – and we never enjoy the fruit of our labour. It is so important to take time out and to enjoy what we have accomplished.

I have always been a very hard worker but hardly took time to enjoy the fruit of my labour or even to just rest. I was driven and had a fear of lack. I had the fear of ” being sent back” with nothing to show for the time that I spent in the UK. I feared not having enough money and therefore drove myself into the ground. I even neglected my young children. I recall a time when my three year old daughter and five year old son had mattresses in the office as I spent many long nights at work. I would sleep for two hours a night.

I have now reached a point where I actually enjoy my work and take time to look at how far I have come and tell myself ” Well done”.

Another thing that I have learnt to do is accept myself . I spent many years feeling worthless,insecure,unlovable and unacceptable but I have realised that God looked at everything that he made and was very pleased with it. When he said that it was good he meant everything. I have now come to a place where I not only enjoy the work of my hands but I also approve of myself.

As we enter into 2016 I encourage you to make a decision to enjoy your hard earned money but more importantly to approve of and enjoy yourself as well. You are beautiful enough! You are clever enough! You are accepted and you are loved.

I have learnt that God does not make mistakes and he does not make second class citizens. He is good and everything that he does is great! We cannot believe that God made us and at the same time believe we are worthless. Begin this year to enjoy yourself where you are and as you are . YOLO!

Happy New Year !img_8499

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