No longer an Orphan

no longer an orphanThe prophetic word below prompted me to look over and dig deeper into the meaning of having an orphan spirit . As I  read about it I got really excited and decided to share some of my thoughts findings with you all.

I read this prophetic word  about Zimbabwe  from Martin Bower, SA.

Please read with much grace. I starting to feel a strong sense of the Fathers love for this Nation and what I experienced was a strong sense of an orphan spirit that God is wanting to break this off people and the nation. A nation that feels abandoned, abused, and left alone to survive. The Nation that is crying out for deliverance and freedom, crying out for a REAL HOPE, a future that they will looked forward to. A nation that desires & wants to rebuild its foundations, so that they can rebuild and establish what has been stolen, that which has been the cause of much poverty and brokenness. God is going to speak into the heart of this nation and cause the holy fire of His Love to be released , to bring righteousness and Justice. I felt Gods call to His CHURCH is to arise in a greater boldness, greater authority, greater conviction to release and declare the purposes of God over this Nation. God is beginning to position this Nation and preparing her to display His Glory, a greater Glory that she once had before, but this will only happen as my CHURCH takes her rightful position, (sonship) , so that I can release through you that which I have planned in advance for this Nation. I sense for some here, God will ignite a fresh fire, a holy fire, a consuming fire, whereby the call to impact this Nation again will be awakened which will result in others being ignited by YOU. The call to be awakened begins as you open up your hearts to the fire of my LOVE for YOU. This love is the power to transform THIS NATION. It see that God is wanting to release new strategies and new ideas for partnering for the gospel. (New & fresh initiatives.) I see God is wanting to establish a greater unity with church’s to partner together (team work bigger impact) I sensed that the unity of the spirit working through you will cause much confusion in the enemies camp because he feels empowered by the disunity. The work that I am about to do will be seen by those whose eyes are clearly fixed upon JESUS. I will build MY CHURCH, and the gates of Hell will not prevail. JESUS brings a new freedom and liberty into your hearts to run with confidence the race marked out for you. I see that chains that have restricted and slowed you down been removed as Revelation of JESUS comes by his spirit and chains are broken and His freedom is established In hearts. 2 Corinthians 17 now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM, and we all, with unveiled face, BEHOLDING the Glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of Glory to another. I see that God wants to restore vision and awaken dreams that have been quenched. I believe the Holy Spirit wants to stir up and remind many of the prophetic promises he has spoken over people and including corporate prophetic words for church’s. I felt that there are dormant and abandoned mantles of anointing that men & women have left behind (relocated overseas) because of fear and persecution and God is wanting to place those mantles onto people who are ready to take up the call for this Nation agin. (I particularly saw the mantle for prayer & intercession) I also saw people pregnant and that God would accelerate this process to the point of giving birth to the new things that is doing within his church. Particular in the area of the supernatural. I was reminded of a famous quote by Smith Wiggelsworth, great apostle of faith. ” I am not moved by what I see, I am only moved by what I believe


On a personal level this prophetic word spoke so much to me . Having left Zimbabwe at the age of 22 I found that my early adult years were spent lamenting over lost opportunities and regret. Displacement and being uprooted from your country of birth can easily lead to having an “Orphan Spirit”. I had not even ever known that there was such a thing until I read this prophecy and started to delve deeper into it. I see a lot of traits that I have and also that we have as a nation of Zimbabweans in the diaspora and at home . In my next three blogs  I am going to write about the Orphan Spirit , the characteristics and how to heal from an orphan spirit and to live in freedom  as a Son or Daughter instead of an Orphan.

Stop living as an orphan

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