Our Zimbabwe , Our responsibility

For anyone who has been following events in Zimbabwe over the last few months it is truly an exciting time in our Nation of birth.

So Pastor Evan has gone to South Africa to attend meetings and Social Media is awash with rumours of asylum claims and plots and twists in the story. Some were in a panic saying he has disappeared and others thought he had fled. I read with interest the comments being made by Zimbabweans across the globe. Its clear that Zimbabweans are looking for credible and authentic leadership. Zimbabweans are looking for someone who relates to the needs of the people and as a result many of the comments expressed disappointment at the thought that Pastor Evan had fled from Zimbabwe to seek refuge. I do not know anything other than what I have read online but in my view if he were seeking refuge there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that. That would be a choice for him and his family. The important thing for us all is to realise the inherent power that lies in all of us.

For me on a personal level I had not realised that I was a coward. I would write a blog post or Facebook post having a rant at some of the issues going on in Zimbabwe or at the injustice that people are facing here in the UK as a result of the problems in Zimbabwe. I would write and then delete. I was afraid to post, afraid to speak out or even to question anything.

I realised that I have been conditioned and made to be afraid, I have become a person who just accepted the status quo. I became self absorbed in the sense that I ensured that me and my family were fine and just made a plan for my own life minding my own business. Its ridiculous to actually think that even though I live in the UK I was genuinely afraid of the government in my country of birth.

What has Pastor Evan done so far through #thisflag ? He has given us our voice back. This movement has taught us all to speak out again. The spirit of fear that had kept so many of us in bondage has been broken.

What is and has been happening to the Zimbabwean masses is WRONG on every level.

We have all allowed it to happen. We have not UNITED with ONE voice and spoken out. This is what #thisflag campaign achieved. It got us all to speak out with one voice , the Church , the political parties and civil society. The people are saying the same thing. Everyone is tired and no longer a slave to fear.

Pastor Evan has never said in any of his videos that he wants to lead Zimbabweans out of tyranny. He has always said I don’t have a plan and has never encouraged us to look to him as our saviour. In fact he has always directed people to God.

What he has achieved is given many of us our voices back. If that is all that he was supposed to do that in itself is a big achievement.

If all he has done is raised our faith , raised our courage and brought a sense of corporate responsibility then that is enough.

If all he has done is dared to believe for a better Zimbabwe and dared you and I to believe too then that is enough.

If all he has done is trigger a chain of events with many groups arising and with political and non political groups talking, engaging and protesting then that is enough.

If his arrest was supposed to show a demonstration of legal and spiritual  working together to achieve a phenomenal result, then that is enough.


If there is more for him to do we thank God and believe that God will give him wisdom and direction BUT for now YOU and I have to do our part.

I truly believe that God has a leader for Zimbabwe, a righteous leader one who will transform our nation with the right team. This wave of protest is just the beginning of something much bigger and greater than any of us have ever imagined. I do not think that this is something that even the academics and social commentators can figure out. This is bigger and will happen in an unfathomable way.

Zimbabwe has not been forsaken ! God is in control. We all need to keep up the momentum and continue to speak. You have the power! We have the power ! WE ( together ) are POWERFUL!

Be aware that discouragement will come in an attempt to undermine your effectiveness. The goal is to cause you to be disheartened and to give up. But be encouraged because you are closer to your breakthrough than you know. Refuse any attempt to weaken you and stand STRONG in your faith and resolve to overcome. VICTORY is assured.


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