Its two years since my father passed away . As the time draws near I can’t help but think about the days leading to his death and the time after .

One of the things that keeps playing over in my mind is the love and ubuntu that I experienced . I love the culture and customs that we have as Zimbabweans . Its something that makes us so unique and something that we should pass onto our children especially those who were raised in the diaspora.

As soon as news spread of a death my friends and family were there in an instant . Some were on their way to work and they called in to work to ask for a day off so they could be with me . Other family members travelled from London, Peterborough , Wolverhampton  and within hours our  house was full. People turned up laden with food , money and love.

I was overwhelmed as Facebook friends who I had never met asked for my parents address in Zimbabwe and turned up to help. There is a beautiful woman who I met on social media and she just became my friend . She turned up at my sisters house and just started to help . Even after the funeral she would visit my mother and check up on her. The spirit of ubuntu – community spirit and togetherness is one thing I love about being Zimbabwean. It is something that makes us stand out and makes us unique and beautiful.

Even as we go through hard times as a nation I am so grateful that we have not lost our identity and our love for one another.

Let us continue to love one another and to impart that love to others My hope is that as we live in the diaspora we would not adopt their way of life but bring the beauty of our culture and effect the world around us with love , togetherness, generosity and regard for each other.

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