Uhuru Foundation

Uhuru is a non profit organisation that provides mediation , counselling and training for migrants in the UK. Migrating is a difficult process. Living and settling in a foreign country is fraught with difficulty and challenges. Uhuru is an organisation that helps to deal with some of the long term effects of migration . We offer practical and spiritual support to long term migrants in the UK. Knowledge is power . We impart information , arrange seminars and workshops . We offer befriending and counselling services from qualified counsellors. On 26 July 2014 Uhuru held a one day conference for migrant families. 

The speakers spoke on various issues that were affecting families in the diaspora. The conference opened up a Pandora’s box of issues and challenges that are facing first generation migrant families in the UK. Uhuru will focus on one particular area which is Children who have been separated from their parents through migration and their families.

When most people migrated to the UK they came on their own without their children. The children stayed behind as parents were uncertain about what the future held. Most migrants came to the UK with the intention of initially settling then bringing children over to join them . Complex Immigration laws and delays in the immigration system has caused families to be separated for decades. Some families have never been reunited due to the fact that Immigration issues remain unsolved. Children were separated from their parents for decades and have now been reunited with parents who they do not know. Some children have never been reunited with their parents due to unresolved immigration matters. Parents face a life filled with regret and pain. Children often harbour anger and unforgiveness towards their parents.

Professionals working with children who have been reunited with their parents have seen some of these relationships breaking down due to unresolved emotional issues and deep rooted hurt and disappointment. Many relationships have broken down and children have ended up in the care of local authorities.

Uhuru aims to provide holistic support to parents and children who have been affected by the separation through migration . We are so passionate about children and young people who have been affected by separation from their families.

raise awareness about the issues that affect families who have been separated by migration

provide peer support for young people who have settled with their parents but are still experiencing emotional problems provide mediation services for families who are experiencing post reunion problems

provide training for professionals and community leaders who are working with families affected by long term separation

provide training for professionals and community leaders who are working with families affected by long term separation