ZIWA Awards


I am so excited to have been nominated for the ZIWA Awards in the Humanitarian Category. I am so honoured to have been selected and shortlisted amongst some pretty amazing women.
I am a Solicitor by profession but my passion is people. I love people and want to do my best to make a lasting difference of eternal value in the lives of the people that I meet.
As I have been working with migrants I have witnessed many families torn apart by the long term separation. Children have had to grow up without their parents, men have had to adapt to roles and jobs that have affected their self worth and value as men. Women have become the breadwinners and have struggled to balance their new roles with the traditional roles as a wife and mother. Our families have struggled to cope with the pressures that have come with migration.
We have hosted two seminars to try and help the community with some of the challenges that they have faced as a result of migration. The first was a youth empowerment seminar. We had various speakers who empowered young people from Southern Africa. Young people were encouraged to set up businesses and encouraged to work on projects that would help them to realise their self worth and value in Society. Our message to the young people was that they are special; they are strong and capable of achieving great things.
On 26 July 2014 we hosted a Parenting Seminar. This was a session that highlighted the various issues affecting migrant families in the UK. The Seminar was well attended and touched on many issues that affect migrant families. Families were empowered, taught and helped on this ground breaking day.
After the Parenting Seminar as the founder of Uhuru I have decided to streamline our work. The key issue that we are now looking at is that of Families who have been separated due to the Migration Process. We are working with families that are based in the UK initially and with time will expand to other countries.
September 2015 we are starting a peer support group for children and young adults who have been separated from their parents due to the migration process.
February 2016 we are hosting Freedom 2016 a weekend conference for women who have been affected by the separation from their children and other issues related to Immigration. It will be a time to reflect and to be empowered. A time to be rebuild and to gain freedom from issues that hold us down.
Summer 2016 we are hosting a summer camp for children and young adults who have been affected by the separation from their parents due to migration.
Ziwa Awards has given me the opportunity to highlight the work that I am passionate about and to raise awareness about some of the issues that are affecting migrant communities in the UK and further afield.
I believe that as a community we have to help ourselves. We are scattered across the globe because our governments have failed us and they do not care. Our families are separated, marriages destroyed, living as invisible people, abased rejected and broken. Our citizens are scattered like sheep without a shepherd. Our host countries have too much to deal with. They have to worry about their own citizens and cannot be overly concerned about the plights of migrants. We have to help ourselves. We can change the lives of those around us. We can make a difference one person at a time. That is my mission to change the world one person at a time.
Please help to raise awareness by voting for me in the Humanitarian Category.

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